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On the occasion of the 300th birthday of Prussian King Frederick the Great, the exhibition "The Books of King Frederick the Great: writer and lover of books and libraries" was staged at the French Embassy in Berlin with the support of a major French energy company. On 8 March, the exhibition was opened by the French ambassador, the curator of the exhibition and the managing director of the group, with the participation of around 300 guests.

During this event, German and French executives were invited to a symposium in the morning. The aim was to discuss together with experts from politics, companies and associations which perspectives the energy system transformation in Germany creates for public companies such as municipal utilities and large utilities and which new ways of joint innovation and cooperation could result from it. On behalf of the agency Johanssen + Kretschmer, f³ Event GmbH organized the implementation of the symposium in the Humboldtbox on Schlossplatz in Berlin. ​

We took over the coordination with the location, the planning and coordination of the technology, room and stage design, simultaneous translation as well as the supervision of the event on site.

After the symposium, the guests were taken by VIP shuttle to the evening event and the opening of the exhibition.